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“On Time Guarantee”

Our “On Time Guarantee” is specifically designed to ensure that pre-booked appointments are picked up on time. We guarantee your taxicab will arrive to pick you up on time for all pre-arranged calls, within a FIVE MINUTE window of time, or your ride is free. If we cause you to miss your connecting ride, then we will provide taxi service to the nearest possible connecting point at no charge, as well. You MUST book your appointment AT LEAST two hours in advance to be eligible for this guarantee. ASAP calls are not eligible, as our immediate service time estimates can and do vary depending on weather and traffic.

Terms of Use

Use of our “hail AC Checker” web application constitutes an agreement between you and AC Checker LLC. You agree to only utilize the app for the purpose of booking a taxi for yourself or a party whom you are authorized to represent in forming business agreements. You agree that fraudulent or abusive use of the “Hail AC Checker” web app may result in termination of your account and exclusion from  utilizing AC Checker LLC services. Fraudulent use of the app, such as booking false calls, constitutes fraud and theft of service and will be prosecuted. Legitimate cancellations MUST be made no less than 4 hours prior to the time of your call or you will be billed 50% of the cost of your call.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our primary consideration, and to that end our policy is simple:

AC Checker DOES NOT sell or otherwise share your information with any third parties, except where such information sharing is necessary and proper, in the regular course of business, for the sole purpose of facilitating your request for service or information. We NEVER sell, share, distribute, or otherwise disseminate client personal data to any third party for any reason, short of a lawful order of a court of appropriate jurisdiction and authority.

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